La  Belle  Dame  Sans  Merci
The IG.
My Dogs.
The AHT.
La Belle Dame.
Sans Merci.

He needs to express his vitality every day and not just short hygienic walks. He will be also happy to accompany you wherever you go, the IG loving nothing as the company of his master. His small size allows it to be accepted everywhere, especially since you have taken the trouble to give him a good education . You will need to apply it the famous " iron fist in a velvet glove." Indeed, the IG has a lot of character but also a sensitivity to edge. Violence, both physical and verbal, is totally prohibited. The "big voice" associated with a firm "no" is more than enough to stop undesirable behavior. You must choose encouragement and expressions of joy because the IG loves to please his master. Do not forget the small treats as a reward you will get results quickly, the IG is very greedy !
Like many greyhounds IG is reserved with people he does not know. But once you got into his heart, he never ceases to show you his love ... and make you laugh ! The IG is a little clown, always cheerful, playful, teasing, jester, a real cure anti-gloom ! He loves children, provided that they have learned to respect and especially not to take it for a toy.
At home it would tend to play Iznogoud if you are not careful, trying to lead his whole world to the stick, 2 as 4 feet ! It should therefore be taken to clearly define each person's role. This makes it proves the most wonderful companions, soft, cuddly, wise, enjoying naps comfortably in the palm of your couch or better, on your knees ! As long as it is under a blanket or your sweater is happiness !








In conclusion, the IG is anything but a fragile porcelain. This is a dog, a real one ! Respect it, love it as such, it will reward you a hundredfold !


Do not be fooled by appearances ! If he is small in size, the IG is not by nature !
This warning is necessary as the image of the little trembling dog on a leash is misleading. Indeed chills throughout the body of the IG are simply the translation of a large nerve impulses and not from fear or cold.
Because he is the smallest of greyhounds, IG is not less true sportsman, purchasing with pugnacity in lure coursing or playing without fail scouts during long walks, in summer as in winter.