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You can choose to buy an American Hairless Terrier primarily for his lack of hair. Besides the practical and hygienic side of it and the pleasure of caressing soft skin, it allows very often for allergy sufferers to have a dog anyway.
But once your AHT is at home, this criterion is completely swept away by the fabulous personality and countless quality of the breed! It's simple, you found in the American Hairless Terrier the perfect dog!

Deeply nice, AHT accepts and loves everyone! Whatever the composition of your family, he will be happy to be part of and will prove a great companion for everyone: adults, children, furry and feathered.
Always cheerful mood, this is an energetic dog who needs to spend. It should therefore be taken to offer him worthy of the name ... walks and play sessions! Nothing is more fun than playing for an AHT! Parts of ball with the kids, chases with friendly dogs , throwing the ball, everything goes as long as it can be fun.




Dog sports are also part of these fun activities. Feel free to try out the discipline that attracts you (agility, obedience, PVL ...), your AHT will surely excel.



Take it with you wherever you can. His wisdom and discipline will permit altogether.
Indeed, the AHT has outstanding natural obedience. His education is we can no longer easy. Absolutely not stubborn, he will abide by your wishes.
With him the leash is useless, it will be your shadow in every way! Because yes, the AHT is a real pot of glue! Do not look for him, he’s at your feet.
But what you want is stronger than him, he loves you !!!